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iUniverse | Poetry | By Akinfe Fatou

A beautiful collection of poetry with flares of avant-garde underpinnings and rich textures of romanticism. Swoon is a delightfully intriguing and appetizing read that exalts feminine power.


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Once as Lovers Special Edition cover by Cia Gould
Book Cover Image by Cia Gould

Once As Lovers
iUniverse | Poetry | By Akinfe Fatou

A steering body of collective poems that effortlessly captures the endearment of love and the aggressive spiritual power of sexuality. It is a book for aspiring and engaged lovers of all things.

Chameleon in its intentions, Once As Lovers suggests the most indulgent of experiences. Cover to cover, each poem provokes a gamut of compelling emotions and warms thirsty hearts. 

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And Storms May Come - Page 3

I want to inject all of my spiritual self inside of you and watch you catch fire... fond of thunder, thrusting into the skyline

lightening crashing, currents to cement

Akinku - Page 7

Undressed eyes stirring stares in a mirror of no reflections...

your skin belongs to me.

Do Exhale - Page 99

Let the poems read themselves

tonight eye write y.o.u.

Putty - Page 50

          Like a dab of ink, you drip through the ligaments of me

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