Barbie: ?!¡?

We ought to aspire 

To be more than a 

Plastic face 


Breast, flailing hair

Waist and hips 


False effeminate




Of a young girls


We ought to aspire

To be something 


Real womanlike

And powerful


As we are 

As we ever




© Akinfe Fatou 2013 


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Comments: 2
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    Nicole (Wednesday, 11 December 2013 12:31)

    so true. straight no chaser. our young women are being brainwashed. Akinfe your writing is elegantly sparse and deeply felt.

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    W. Lotus (Saturday, 04 January 2014 10:39)

    Lately I have studied images of Queen Latifah, India Arie, and Janelle Monáe: two full-figured black women and one petite one. The photos I have seen show them as they are, not according to eurocentric, sexist ideas of "beauty". Studying those images and then looking at the mirror at myself makes me appreciate my own natural beauty in ways I never have, before. I have never felt this way about myself, before, not even when a man telling me I was beautiful in his eyes. This is powerful.

    Our girls need to see more women like them: women whose natural beauty can be hinted at when they look in their own mirrors.